The importance of Grammar in learning English

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During the English learning process, there is a debate about if the grammar is important when learning English. Some think grammar plays a significant role in the learning process. Others say we can get wrong when communicating; we just need to make the listeners understand what we are talking. So is grammar important or not? Let’s discover this problem.

1. The importance of grammar
Grammar is some simple rules that people must follow when using a language. If there is no rule and every person uses different ways, that causes the mass and obstructs communication. When you are good at grammar, you can hear and understand the native easily. Without grammar, you can not understand or misunderstand the meaning of speakers. For example:
I am in love with him ———————- I was in love with him
Initially, for beginners, there is no difference. They can understand that speaker loves someone. The small difference between am and was changed the meaning of the sentence and relationship of speaker and “him”. That means you need to be good at Grammar to get all the information from speakers.

2. Learning purpose and Grammar
Grammar is one of necessary content in every English competition and exam. However, in communication, grammar is quite flexible. You can use wrong words or structures, as long as listeners can understand what you are talking. That means the importance of grammar depends on the purpose of learners.
In fact, the native do not pay much attention to grammar, and sometimes, they also get wrong in Grammar when speaking. Especially, in their music, they can sing “”for her to steal my heart away when she don’t care” (Rhythm of the rain).
If your English learning purpose is to pass an exam or take a certificate, degree, grammar is a necessary. Besides, for people who want to be a teacher or a translator, it will be a big mistake if you forget English grammar. For these jobs, you need to be good at not only grammar but also listening, writing, speaking, reading skill.

3. Grammar and communication
Grammar is not important in communication. Nowadays, in globalization, most of English learner’s purpose is communication. And during communication, you can be wrong in Grammar in 20- 30 %. Grammar is not the first thing you should consider when learning English communication. You just need to use English on your way without fixed structures, just make the listeners understand what you want to convey. You can also use language body with your eyes, hands to express your ideas.
4. Best ways to learn English
There are many ways to learn English, but to find the most effective ways is a difficult question. Reading some heavy, think and boring books can help you improve your English skill, but they can not enhance your love with English. Without passion, you can not do anything. You should relax and learn English as enjoying a delicious meal. You can read a funny story at the free time, or listen to English music or write a daily diary. Instead of sitting in front of a table with pen and books and focusing on sentence structures and vocabularies, these are more effective way to learn English.

Moreover, There are many games and online apps to help you check and interestingly enhancing Grammar. Learning and studying are at the same time. These educated games can give you the explanation about your mistake. Therefore, instead of playing other games, let’s choose for yourself a smart game which not only helps you relax but also improve your English level.

Finally, let’s find a partner who can go hand in hand with you in The English learning process or enjoy in English forum or communities on the internet to get more knowledge and share your passion in English.
In conclusion, through my writing, you can understand the role of Grammar in English. What is your purpose of learning English? Getting a degree or communication? Let’s think about your purpose and decide the role of grammar in your learning process.

How to choose the right air compressor?

Air compressor has been used for over 100 years and brings human a lot of benefits as the air tool. The outstanding features of this tool are safe, flexible, clean and convenient. These machines had to get the love from the customers and evolved into the highly reliable piece. That explains why they become indispensable in most of the applications now.

Like any products in the market, there are different kinds, brands, and features that make you get confused when choosing an air compressor. To solve that problem, besides reading air compressor reviews, you can also consider some option below.

First, what should we get if getting an air compressor? As with any tools, air compressor help, we save time, money for every given project. When using air compressors, you can easily realize that they are lighter and more powerful than any electric and battery devices.

Although in the market, there are a lot of types of compressor, they are performing the same function. That is to increase the pressure and reduce the volume of a gas such as air. They work by filling a chamber with air and reducing the chamber’s volume. We call them positive displacement compressors. We can easily find them in the market with reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane compressors.

Reciprocating or Piston compressors are the most popular products in ranges from fractional to very high horsepower. Besides, rotary compressors (Screw and Vane) and the centrifugal compressors are also found in an industrial/commercial environment. The article will mention some option of piston compressor that helps you to have the best view about these products.
1. Single stage or two stage
For piston compressor, they come with two types. The single-stage compressors have just one piston and top out at around 150 psi. It works by drawing air and compressing the air to its final pressure in single piston stroke. Besides, a single stage pump has a higher CFM rating than a two stage pump.

Two-stage piston compressors have two pistons to deliver the air pressure and top out at about 200 psi. Besides, single-stage compressors are used for more heavy-duty applications at home. The two-stage compressor is used for industrial setting.

2. Cubic Feet per Minute or CFM
HP is not the only one factor that you can consider when buying an air compressor. CFM is also a measure of volumetric flow. It is a mathematical formula of the bore, stroke, and rpm(Bore x stroke x rpm/2200=DCFM). Depending on the psi of the compressor, CFM can change. It means with different psi; two tools will not necessarily have CFMs that add together.

3. Electric motors or horsepower
Compressors are valued by HP ( horsepower). Some manufacture rate their products by peak horsepower or brake horsepower. Peak HP is the maximum output of a motor producing while it has the star winding engaged. Peak HP can be five times the rated HP. However, in the normal condition, the tool does not work with peak HP, therefore, if you compare air compressor by this figure, that will bring us a side view.

Most of the manufactures rate their motors by Hp which develop after the motor come up. This number usually referred to rated Hp and true indication which motors can suffer for an extended period.

Some other factors that we should consider when buying an air compressor are Duty Cycle and Service factor. Duty cycle is rated as continuous or intermittent, that is the time under full load. Service Factor is the percentage of rated HP which at that point, the motor can be safely operated. Some higher service factors help motors to handle with different conditions without overheat or premature motor failure.

In conclusion, these are some basic factors that you must to see when buying a piston air compressor. Hope after reading this article, you have knowledge about air compressor and make the last decision.


STREAMING VIDEO – They often disappear as quickly as they have appeared: smart guys regularly post entire HD movies on YouTube. Here’s how to find them.

YouTube can hunt for the pirated movies put on line on its video platform, they keep coming back, even if only for a few hours. If you are fast enough, it is possible to enjoy it. Of course, you probably will not find all the films you are looking for but if you have a list of a dozen films you want to see, chances are that at least one of them is present on Youtube. Here are some tips to find them.

► The right keywords to use
It’s not enough just to look for the title of a movie to fall on the full movie (though it may happen). Most often, you will only find the trailer. The best is to add “full movie” / “full movie” after the title (you can even do a search only on these keywords if you do not know what to look at precisely). You can also add “VF” / “VOSTFR” / French after if the film is in English and you need either a dubbing or subtitles.
► Think of films split into several parts
Do not hesitate to add “part 1” to your search. This may allow you to find a full-length movie on YouTube that has been split into several parts to pass the upload limitations and try to pass between the drops. It was then titled “Part 1”, “Part 2”, etc.
► The filter that arranges everything
To further refine the search, once the results are displayed, go to the filters. Among the different options, look at the length of the videos and click on “more than 20 minutes”. This will avoid the trailers most of the time. But be careful, if the film has been cut into several parts, it will no longer be visible. You have to try with and without.
► Rebuilding the right channels / accounts
These are often the same people who upload movies on YouTube. It can be interesting to “go up” the thread of a chain or an account to discover the other treasures that they have to propose. And, who knows, maybe you’ll fall on a nugget …
► Beware of traps
The title and the picture seem engaging. You finally found the film. Except that when you start playback, the movie does not start but it is a message prompting you to click the link below to find – really – the movie. Never click, it is always a scam in one way or another (or a way to make you click on 245 ads and finally do not offer anything).
More tips

TIPS – How to recover a video or audio file from YouTube? There is a simple way that metronews explains.
You love this clip or this song, but you can not find it anywhere other than on YouTube. Unfortunately you can not always be connected to the Internet to listen to it. A tip allows you to download the video or audio track directly from YouTube in two clicks.
When you are on the YouTube page of the video in question, simply add the letters “ss” in front of “” in the address bar and press Enter. You will then be redirected to The search field will be prefilled with the address of the page in question, click the yellow button Download.

There, several qualities of download will be proposed, from the lowest to the definition HD if it already available on YouTube. Bonus Gift: At the bottom of the list are also the audio versions, ideal for clips.

TIPS – Want to make your YouTube videos private? Metronews has the solution and this is configured in two clicks.
Norman, Cyprien … thank you but no thanks. You do not want to become the next fashionable youtube? Do you prefer to keep your videos private and share them with you (and only with them)? Google allows this setup on its video sharing service, yet need to know how to do it. Metronews explains how to do this.

To do this, log in to your YouTube account first. Then go to this page. In the “Confidentiality” line, scroll down the drop-down menu and choose “Private”. All the next videos you publish will be visible only by you.
Privatize your latest videos

If you want to configure your previous public videos in private mode, you will have to go to each one of them. Click on the pencil icon at the bottom left of the video (Info and Settings). Once on the edit page, click on the drop-down menu that displays “Public” and go to “Private”.

You will then be able to specify in the field below, the people with whom you want to share it, by means of e-mail address or Google+ profiles.

Choosing the Best Survival Knife

A survival knife is undoubtedly the indispensable tool for any adventurer! Indeed, in conditions of survival, hiking or camping, it is not a TV team like Bear Grylls you need, but obviously a survival knife that will quickly become the ideal companion … And yes, even more useful than the Crocodile Dundee Hat, is not it ?!
After being impressed by survival techniques in an episode of Man vs. Wild or after you are imagined in LOST on a desert island, you have now decided and you must surely wonder, what would be the best knife Survival, to buy?
Well I’m like you, when buy my Best Spyderco Knife, I need to know that the product will fit my needs and expectations and that I will get a very good value for money.

Choosing the Best Survival Knife

How to use a surviving knife?

Survival knives are often considered essential equipment. Their versatile aspects, between the tool and the weapon, make them essential objects for hikes in the forest. A quality military knife in hand or simply hung on its belt allows for a boost of confidence to cope with the most extreme situations.
Although these knives are often used as a hunting knife or as a lance, there are also a wide range of other possible uses:
– Digging tool: if it is of quality, it can very well be used as a shovel to carry out different tasks such as digging earthworms to fish, dig a platform to make fire, bury food waste, make signals Distress on a snowy ground or to be used as a mushroom knife.
-Arme: in a situation that requires you to get your own food, used as a hunting knife, it becomes a very useful weapon to hunt small game or even to fish by hanging it to a piece of wood to constitute a spear. With a little ingenuity, it can become the ultimate weapon of the survival kit.
– First aid: although an inexperienced person can do more damage than good, in a medical emergency, it can prove to be a very versatile first aid tool.
-Marteau: the end of the handle, or the pommel, is ideal to hammer when building a shelter or to plant its tent.
-Adjust your equipment: During long stays in the forest, it is very possible that your clothes and equipment require small modifications, whether for your comfort or your safety.
-Pile: in the absence of suitable equipment, it can be planted on the ground and used as a fixing to stabilize an emergency camp or a stocking bag hanging from a tree outside the reach of dangerous animals.

Choosing the Best Survival Knife1

-Production of tools: some might think that a knife is simply a tool in itself but its big advantage is that it also makes it possible to make other tools that may be more suitable in some cases. Whether it is to cut a piece of wood or to make a friction fire if you do not have the right equipment.
-Fire: Since you are talking about making fire, your knife allows you to recover wood chips or scrape a piece of wood with the blade creating tinder, which is valuable when Realization of its cozy nest and start a fire under any conditions. The blade can also be used as a means of friction with a fire light or firesteel.
-Building a shelter: a bushcraft knife is very handy for harvesting large branches if you need to build a shelter. It can also be used when knotting its branches.
To make his own tools to move logs to stir up the flames of a campfire, a survival knife in his bag for a survival situation is clearly not just a spear for hunting or fishing. To make it a permanent survival material to go in the forest allows to leave prepared and serene.

Your turn!

Now that you know a little more about the criteria for your choice, you can check all our tests and tips to compare these different criteria and make your purchase.
Obviously, it is difficult to retain the best knife since each person will have a different opinion and fortunately for that matter!
By browsing the site you will be able to make a more informed choice and, I hope, that will best meet your expectations.

Best cheap 18650 Batteries for led flashlights

Besides the quality of deceiving, batteries are also an important part which decides the long life of the product. Because of some benefit of cheap 18650 batteries, we would like to introduce that battery to you like the best batteries for led flashlight.

Best cheap 18650 Batteries for led flashlights2

What are the best batteries for flashlight.

On the market, there are many kinds of batteries such as AAA, AA, D, C. They can be divided into CR2, CR123a and 18650.
The first two batteries are camera batteries, and 18650 is the most modern this list. It is the name of the cell which can be recharged after using and be friendly with environment.
1. Rechargeable batteries.
For the light that we usually use every day, rechargeable batteries are a great choice. They save money over a long time and provide performance benefits, especially for flashlights, headlamps, and bike light.
2. Lithium for long- term.
For keeping or packing light use lithiums, this kind of batteries is the best product. They have the lowest self- discharge rate that there is no products can compare. You can use them for a long time.
3. Keep common.
If you want to use something convenience and familiar, AA or AAA cells may be suitable for with low price and quickly to change.
4. Emergency rations
Having one light which runs one unusual battery for emergencies is necessary. In this case, you can go to the store to find CR123a, because it is one of the popular batteries and easily find the every store.

Best cheap 18650 Batteries for led flashlights1
5. Brand
This is also an important information; you should choose the batteries with the famous name to make sure about quality such as Samsung, Surefire, Duracell, Rayovac or Panasonic Energizer and so on.
What are the best 18650 batteries?
The best batteries may meet some requirements. First, they are made by reliable brands such as Sony, LC, Panasonic or Samsung. Besides, they have a high-drain rating ( Ampere) which is higher than 10A. Third, the capacity (mAh) is also higher than 3000 mAh. Four, the batteries have a Built-in protection circuit for over-current, over-discharge, over-temp, over-charge. Last, they have the rechargable ability.

Top 2 best cheap 18650 Batteries for LED Flashlights.

1. ORBTRONIC 18650 battery
This is one of the high-capacity products which is suitable for led flashlights or even for devices which need a long run-time. They are every safe working because of having good protection. Orbtronic 18650 battery actives at 10 A to 12 An of current. It has an 18,6 mm of diameter, 68.9 mm of height and 47 g of weight. With this data, it is quite small and convenient for customers. Besides, it is made from Lithium-Ion- one of the best material for batteries.
Note, if you want to recharge 18650 Batteries, do not use dumb chargers. We can not make sure about its safety when you use bad chargers.

Best cheap 18650 Batteries for led flashlights.
2. NITECORE NL189 – 18650 battery review (capacity: 3400mAh)
This product is a big flashlight brand, and they have offered batteries and also a charger for a long time. Therefore, you are at a right place to find the batteries for the products.
With the capacity of 3400 mAh, this battery is one of the products which has the highest capacity. Besides, the cycles of the charge-discharge product are up to 500 times. They also offer note will plus (+) and minus (-) which ensure correct use. If you do not use it for a long time, it is recommended to charge it every three months to obtain maximum performance.
The weight: 0.048 kg and 0.065 kg
The size: 6.92 x 1.84 x 1.84 cm / 2.72 x 0.72 x 0.72 inches (s or 10.00 x 5.00 x 5.00 cm / 3.94 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
In conclusion, these are some basic information that you should know before making the last decision. Hope with this article; you have more knowledge this modern and useful product in the life.


LED grow lights are completely different from conventional LEDs. It is dedicated strictly projection spectrum wavelengths for plant photosynthesis and lamp spectrum wavelengths are in the range of 380- 750nm. The brightness of the LED grow light emits, the plant completely absorbed. However, to use the light to bring the highest efficiency for plants and promote the value of artificial sun for plants, the following questions will help you.

1. What type of led grow light should you buy?

All products of LED grow lights can be used to grow vegetables, however, based on the functions and characteristics of the plant, there are some sorts of specialized lamps for plants and for vegetables.

First: Methods of growing vegetables will decide how to use suitable a led light. It is a good select if you use the best led grow light 2017 because it has many functions.
Second: Vegetables are different from other common plants, vegetables need to grow over time for us to harvest and how to grow vegetables as fast as possible. Therefore, vegetable lights should be of sufficient spectrum for all stages of growth and development.
LED grow lights can be used to grow vegetables

2. If your house has some plants completely without sunlight, what type of led grow light and how to use correctly?

With bonsai in the home, we need to split into two clear concepts to determine the purpose of lighting and how to use accordingly.
First: Using a lamp to sustain life for indoor plants, we only need a fixed two-wavelength (typically 460nm Green and 660nm Green). And the green and red ratios will depend on the groups of plants that have the combination of green and red to suit that group, and the additional lighting time for the plants from 10-12h per day is guaranteed.
Second: Second: Using lights to stimulate the growth of trees, we should use lamps with many wavelength spectra (typically 620nm Green and 730nm Green). Besides, it is important to rely on the optical characteristics of the tree as a long or short day that determines the time to stimulate flowering as well as stimulate the growth of plants.

bonsai in the home

3. If you want to buy LED grow lights to add light to the tree, how should light?

In this case, there are two following ways:
Method 1: We will turn on the light from 4h and turn off the lights at 11h and then the tree will have sunlight to 14h which means that the tree has a continuous time series from 4h to 14h. Therefore, from 14h to 4 am (the next day) the tree will understand that it is night time.
Method 2: We turn on the lights from 14h to 21h then turn off the lights so plants will have time series of continuous days from 11h to 21h and from 21h to 11h (the next day) is night time.
Both of these projections are intended to give the plant a fixed day and night cycle that avoids the case that we turn the lights on incorrectly, which inadvertently creates a cut-off state that will change the biological clock. Please keep this in mind.

buy LED grow lights

4. Does the LED light have a white light? Or all kinds of lights purple or pink (Green and Red)?

LED grow lights have two strips of blue and red. And the LEDs completely can produce white light (a kind of sunlight simulation). However, white light also emits red light wavelength bands for the photosynthetic as mentioned above. Therefore, it can be said that LED grows lights can be used to produce white light and can be used for plants. But in terms of economic efficiency, it will not be high because it consumes electricity for unnecessary wavelengths of light. Therefore, it is very useful for plants while also optimizing the power consumption that the light emits.
I hope that the above information and answers will help you. Good luck.

Things you must know about Lawn mower !

If your ground does not require a brush cutter, a lawn mower is sufficient in most cases. Comfort, speed and mowing frequency are the keys to choose your lawnmower. This is your zero turn lawn mower reviews!

If you have chosen to use a lawnmower, you must also decide:
– The propulsion, you will have the choice between:
• The lawnmower pushed forward, which advances under your effort;
• The self-propelled mower, which moves under the action of a motor;
• The lawnmower which acts as a vehicle (also known as a tractor-mower);
– The mowing robot that works in your absence.
– Energy, by choosing between:
• The manual mower, without motor;
• A gasoline powered lawnmower;
• The electric mower, connected to mains electricity;
• The electric lawnmower but on removable batteries.
The elements of a lawn mower

The key elements of a lawn mower are:
• The mower housing, which houses the cutting system;
• The lawn mower, depending on its shape and material;
• The lawn tray needed to collect the grass;
• The lawnmower belt on some models.
How to choose your lawnmower?

The first classification of the mower will be based on its propulsion:
– If you walk on your lawn mower, you are talking about a walking lawnmower: a lawnmower or a lawnmower.
– If you want to drive your lawnmower, it will be a sit-down lawnmower: riding lawnmower.
– If you want the lawnmower to cut without your presence, it will be a mowing robot or robot mower.
The choice will then be based on the cutting system:
The most common cutting systems are the lawnmower blade and the helical blade.
If you want the blade to work precisely, you can choose a front-mounted lawn mower.
For very large areas, some lawnmowers and micro tractors use a rear mower.
With these defined aspects, you will then easily determine which type of engine will use your mower:
A manual mower will use no energy other than your action to advance it.
An electric mains mower will require an extension cord to be connected to a 220V power outlet.
A battery mower will operate on rechargeable batteries on mains.
A thermal mower is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine running on premium unleaded petrol.
For manual and thermal mowers for small gardens, you can buy them in garden centers and large areas. For larger thermal, towed or with mulching, you will choose them rather from a professional (dealers of registered trademarks) who will advise you and also maintain your equipment.

Periodicity of the tontes

Normally the mowing is done from March to October except in mild weather, you can still mow in December. To mow as little as possible, it is necessary to choose its mixture of seeds, avoid to over water and adjust the heights of the blade. A grass in the shade and in the shade will grow faster than in the sun. If your lawn is used as a playground, you can leave the lawn in the meadow.

For biodiversity, let plots grow, you will be amazed to see new plants grow and multitudes of insects foraging your flowers.

The blade must be regularly sharpened by grinding without losing its balancing at the risk that the mowing is not regular and to damage your engine. If you do not know how to do it, give the blade to a professional.
Make a general review (engine, crankcase, pitcher, candle etc …) once a year in winter by a professional.

Did you know?
In the time of Louis XIV? The lawns were cut to the scythe and the sickle by dozens of gardeners. Animals also participated in mowing through grazing.
The thermal mower was born in the early 20th century
Types of mowers
1. Gas mowers come in two types: powered or not. The powered mowers have wheels that rotate with the help of the engine, which means you can walk behind the mower and steer it. You have to push the non-powered mowers yourself.
• More power than electric mowers.
• A better choice for thick and long lawns and weeds.
• Self-propelled models require less effort.
• Generally heavier than other lawnmowers.
• Noisy.
• Requires more maintenance.
• Greater impact on the environment.

2. Electric lawnmowers come with or without power cord. Corded lawnmowers have only the length of their cord length. Cordless mowers, heavier and less powerful, have a longer range.
• Less noisy.
• More environmentally friendly (no emissions).
• Requires little maintenance.
• Less powerful.
• Less suitable for uneven and uneven terrain.
• Restricted range.
• The cord represents a risk potential.
3. Roller mowers operate only with human strength. When pushed, the blades turn and cut the grass.
• Slight.
• Requires very little maintenance.
• Easy to use.
• No noise.
• Respectful of the environment.
• Not suitable for long and thick lawns.
• Not suitable for rough, large or uneven terrain.
• Can not approach near obstacles.

When choosing the right mower, you should learn how to properly maintain and handle it safely. Proper use and maintenance of the mower will ensure years of safe and trouble-free operation. We suggest that you read our safety instructions for lawn mowers and examine our selection of lawnmowers.

Natural Mattress: 10 reasons to trust Soya !

The natural mattress, made of vegetable polyurethane foam of soybean oil, and its bamboo fiber lining form a reliable coupling, able to lead you quickly on the path of dreams and restful sleep. Let us examine without further delay the reasons for their success.
Natural mattress, ecological first
The natural mattress is made of a polyurethane foam enhanced by the addition of natural, ecological and healthy elements. The properties of natural soybean oil are exploited to develop a high density vegetable mattress foam.
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This natural mattress contains materials that are more respectful of man and the environment. Considerably fewer chemicals than conventional synthetic polyurethane foams:

1. Natural mattress foam and record soy concentration

The soybean oil concentration of the natural mattress: 17%.
Some mosses boast of being natural while they hardly reach the 5% of vegetable oil.

2. Natural soybean and moss oil

The vegetable soybean oil used is neither chemically modified nor processed.
Even the coloring of the foam is ensured by natural pigments.
3. Natural mattress respectful of man
Hypoallergenic foam, relieved of a good part of its chemical compounds.
Even the nature of the sizing, usually critical has been rethought. Gluing of the natural mattress padding is guaranteed without solvent or VOC.
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4. Eco friendly mattresses

Renewable raw materials in addition to traditional components:
The mattress does not harm the environment, throughout his life, and especially afterwards.
This innovative foam is in itself a technological achievement.
It demonstrates an undeniable desire to make progress in the ecological field.
Comfort mattress: for the back, for sleep

This high density foam is able to compete in terms of comfort with the best synthetic foams.
Soybean oil has developed a highly resilient plant-based polyurethane foam.
It provides a very balanced sleep, with firm support and softness.

5. The firm support of the natural mattress
• High density
With a density of 30 kg / m3
Provides high resilience to foam
Gives the mattress a propensity to resist pressures and quickly regain its initial shape over the long term.
• Thickness of the core. The core is central to the mattress. The thicker it is, the stronger the mattress. Here, the natural mattresses have a high thickness core: 16 to 18 cm high density foam
• High density and high web thickness ensures quality support for the back and the entire vertebra. The spine properly supported, the muscles relax and sleep is restorative
• Several support areas. The foam offers 3 differentiated support zones. A Multi density that takes into account our morphology, our changes of position and guarantees our comfort

6. Natural mattress: a soft and comfortable welcome
The soybean vegetable moss, made up of millions of independent cells, is an elastic and flexible material.
Result, the welcome of the mattress is soft and fluffy.
Coordinated with the multi density of the foam, it precisely matches the curves of our body, whatever its position.
If you are looking to further optimize the dynamic side of the natural mattress you can combine it with a slatted bed frame.
For an optimal reception, consider the memory mattress topper
A natural mattress full of qualities
Natural Mattress
7. Aerated structure and sleep comfort
The open microcellular structure of vegetable visco foam with soybean extracts, coupled with integrated aerators, ensures perfect circulation of air within the natural mattress.
Good ventilation means:
Heat regulation
And moisture
Heat as moisture are caught by the air circulation.
The sleeper enjoys tempered temperature and a dry mattress constantly.
Result, no uncomfortable night sweats or induced temperature variations.
The quality of sleep and the life of the mattress are thus greatly optimized.
The bamboo tick plays here again a role of essential.

8. Lightness and hygiene of the natural mattress

Vegetable polyurethane foam based on soybean oil is a lightweight material.
Easy to handle and ventilate. Easy to return
Its maintenance is simplified; A real child’s play.
Regularly maintained, your natural mattress breathes hygiene and keeps for a long time.

9. Anti-mite and Sleeper Health

No moisture, no heat and no food. Sad environment for mites.
If one adds a bamboo tick against mites, the risk of proliferation of mites and respiratory allergies accompanying them vanish in the foam of the natural mattress.
The foam is hypoallergenic, but in addition, it benefits from natural pigmentation.
Against the mites, test the anti mites natural

10. Economic and Health Portfolio
The foam with the ecological virtues of the natural mattress costs far less to produce than a 100% latex foam. It is certainly less natural but it offers an excellent alternative for a reduced budget.
This naturally affects the price of the natural mattress.
For a latex mattress equivalent to:
Density of 30kg / m3
Total thickness of 20 or 22 Cm
Soul 16 to 18 cm thick.
Standard dimensions: 90 × 190, 140 × 190 or 160 × 190.
The price of the natural mattress will be much more advantageous.
It is about comparing equivalent mattresses.
Beware of some dealers who do not hesitate to cut on one of these characteristics of the mattresses to propose offers falsely attractive!

What are some good skateboards for beginners?

Specifically, I want to learn to longboard. I need to find something affordable, yet good for a beginner and appropriate for a person. There are so many different choices.

Skateboard is one of the trendiest sports there is.
Too many people and even adults, it is considered to be one of the coolest extreme sports. Buying a longboard for you would be a great way of introducing fun and exercise.
It is a great tool for cultivating muscle growth, body coordination and balance at the same time.
All you have to do is be able to pick the best longboard for you and also the accompanying gear. If you’re new to skateboarding, choosing the best skateboard for you can be a bit confusing. There are many kinds of skateboard which are available on sell, yet not all of them are suitable for you.

You can do tricks or use it for city ride with those longboards. Things to consider before buying the best beginner longboard for you

Pick the right longboard
1. Wheels
2. Grip Tape
3. Bolts
4. Bearings
5. How much do I spend?
6. Protection – Helmets
7. Get the quality high
8. Suitable the skateboards
9. Get the gear

Another note: safe !- first!
It’s worth it to spend a little more money to get a quality longboard. You want a good deck and strong wheels, with decent trucks. For the the most part all skateboards are made using wood.
longboards for beginners
There are much difference with regards to the properties of the deck . The price can vary a bit depending on the bearings and the metal. On the other hand, even the most affordable models are worth looking at as for beginners there is no point in buying something more expensive.

For a beginner’s longboard, I’d suggest a medium-sized board – a width between 9 and 10, and a length between 35 and 37. This size is suitable for a trade-off of control (large boards are more stable, but difficult to maneuver and tough to travel . Also, I’d recommend a longboard with a kicktail, which helps with the maneuvering (it’s like a lever, and can help you pivot and make tighter turns and stay more in control). For wheels, I’d recommend larger than average wheels (80mm to 90mm diameter) and soft (a durometer between 80a and 84a).

The softness of the wheel absorbs the vibrations on rough surfaces better, which makes the ride nicer. Large wheels help you get over cracks easier, but getting larger than 80mm diameter could make pushing uncomfortable, as you will likely need big riser pads, and your longboard will be higher off the ground.

Lastly, I do recommend standard black grip tape for providing good grip for your feet on the longboard. Those are the main things to look for when setting up or choosing a longboard Play around with a longboard. Longboard wheels are a little larger and slightly softer than regular skateboard wheels, which makes not small difference when you’re skating. The cracks and drain covers that spell real danger to skateboard wheels can be rolled over by longboard wheels with easy, you can regularly ride your longboards on roads that are in everything from new to disintegrating conditions – no way would you do that on a regular skateboard setup.
longboards for beginners
Don’t get a board specifically made for downhill use; It is stiffer than something made for carving and cruising, so they aren’t as comfortable for casual use.

Longboards are fun and the wheels are longboard-like in softness, but the deck’s small size makes it quite twitchy and demanding to ride. Don’t get one as your first board or you’ll probably soon stop riding and never get another. The kind of longboard your friends and acquaintances have, as closely as possible. Longboarding is very fun and has specific subsets of coolness that are extremely geography and timing dependent.

The guidance on the type of play ding is important beyond that, ride a regular longboard with riser pads under the trucks and big soft wheels . A regular longboard is big enough to be stable for a newer rider (it would be quite hard to ride something as big as your foot at the start) and not big enough to be incredibly obtrusive. The soft wheels will give it a smooth ride for longboard.

Hope this helps, and have fun longboard!


Making your possessions become unique always an appealing thing to do, and your guitar is not an exception. You already own an acoustic guitar and want to make it unique than ever but wonder whether you could with a guitar just under $500. The answer is that you totally could turn your guitar to be the best acoustic guitar under 500 than ever. Don’t be afraid that you don’t have huge budgets for this since it does not cost you a big deal. However, what you need is your patience and also your sense of aestheticism – just a little bit. Now, follow some simple tips below.
1. Decorating the body of your guitar
– Paint your guitar: an important thing to notice is that you have to disassemble your guitar to make sure other parts of the guitar are safe before spaying paint to the body. After that, you can add some designs or repaint it as your hobby.
– Add stickers or decals: You can add any stickers or decals of different colors and shapes, which depends on your interest.
– Draw or write with pens: you can be free to design your patterns, words, pictures or even your signature on the body of your guitar with paint markers, markers or pens. You should try your designs with the pencil because most of the markers are permanent.

2. Customizing your guitar with other accessories
Together with the guitar, there exist a lot of other accessories, including picks, pickguards, strap, case and so on. You could have many options here: buy the unique ones or make the existing ones more unique. For example, with a case, if you are confident with your woodworking skills, you can make your case. The important thing is that you must shape your case so that there is no extra room inside and your guitar will not be damaged.
Another option is that you can decorate your existing case. By this way, you are free to express your identity and style. For instance, in a soft case, you can sew or iron on and attach some buttons if you like. On a hard case, you can add stickers, design your patterns or pictures which pens or paints, just like the way you decorate the body of the guitar mentioned above. On any case, you can also customize the lining by hand-sewing or use fabric glue to attach your fabric outside and even inside your case, as long as your guitar still fit in.
3. Adding custom guitar parts
– Using fretboard inlay stickers: Inlay Stickers are easy put under the strings by your fingers. Try to alter the existing inlay by these stickers as your favor. The good thing is that use can alter it whenever you want. You can also apply different stickers, designs or words for each fret. Just make it your own. Remember that before applying the inlay stickers, be careful to remove the strings and clean the fretboard carefully.
– Add a unique pickguard: A pickguard is not only a good tool to protect the surface of the guitar from being scratched by the pick. With the guitar that doesn’t have a pickguard, it is easy for you to buy one. In contrast, if your guitar has had a pickguard already, you can also replace it with another one.
– Try colorful strings: replace the old strings with the new ones. One thing to consider is the quality. So you should balance between the appearance and the quality and make sure that you don’t sacrifice the quality of the sound created.
– Install new bridge pins: The bridge pins are used to hold the strings. You can replace the existing pins of your guitar with new ones made of different materials. The materials of the pins also affect the sound of the guitar strings. For example, the pins made from born can improve the sound.
7489124186_1624b51ca5_k (1)
I hope that with these simple guides above, you can have some ideas to make your guitar become the unique one. I believe that with good appearance, your guitar will give you the motivation to practice every day. After all, the look of the guitar is a connection between your hobby and your soul.