10 above ground pools to enjoy the summer

1. An above ground pool with stripes
Want a punchy pool? The doodoopool is for you. Ultra-colorful and especially compact, this best above ground pool is like a piece of furniture. To play sports, relax on the indoor bench or play with your family, this small pool has all the advantages of a big one. Available in several colors, it brings a touch of fantasy in the garden. Children and parents will love it!

2. An above-ground pool as at the sea

Made in France and available with or without heat pump, this above ground pool can be installed anywhere in the garden. Its corridor shape gives it a more sporty and qualitative look than the classic round pool. Installed on a wooden terrace, this above ground pool is transformed. Surrounded by deckchairs, an outdoor shower and an umbrella, the bathing area transports us to the seaside.

3. A mini above ground pool
When the garden is small, it is better to turn to a model of square above ground pool. Small in size, it is no less efficient. Automatic cover, projector, sand filtration, heating … the equipment is not lacking on this small pool. And with its total woody look, it integrates with chic environments and country gardens.

4. A large removable above ground pool

Made of reinforced PVC, this pool is what we could call a model! The Laghetto Classic pool offers a generous bathing area. Its rectangular shape allows athletes to string lengths and fans of the idleness to float on a large buoy. Once summer is over, simply remove it to free the terrace or garden. Take care to empty it gradually so as not to flood your land!

5. A large above-ground pool for the whole family
With a large sibling, difficult to turn to reduced templates. Above ground pools also exist in family size. Heat pump, tarpaulin, swimming against the current and even bar cover, the pool Weva and its pro equipment has nothing to envy the custom models. Installed as an extension of a terrace, this above-ground pool gives a holiday look to any outdoor.

6. A round above-ground pool
Although its diameter is generous, this pool does not encumber the garden. Its rounded shape allows it to adapt to large and small surfaces. This very well equipped model – sand filter, ladders, liner and felt carpet – offers a bathing area for everyone. Finally, its galvanized steel structure does not require any specific maintenance and makes this pool a resistant and economical product.

7. A high-end pool above ground

Above ground pools also like to play it design. The more generous budgets will be able to turn to the high-end models of Piscinelle. Aesthetic and especially powerful, these above ground pools require little development and are therefore suitable for difficult terrain. Placed in the garden, integrated into a terrace, all these models adapt to your needs.

8. A plastic above-ground pool

Easy and quick to assemble, this above-ground pool is suitable for flat gardens. Its PVC structure makes it resistant to bad weather but requires a smooth floor. Freestanding, the PVC pool is more affordable than the models in wood or steel. The advantage of this model? Once summer is over, just empty it, deflate it and store it for the winter. The garden is not crowded all year long.

9. An above ground wooden pool
This wooden pool remains a classic. With its octagonal shape, the pool has Jacuzzi tones and invites to relax in the early days of sun. This above-ground model can also be transformed into an all-terrain, semi-buried or completely buried pool. The above ground pool adapts to the garden configuration.

10. A colorful above-ground pool
Fill up on colors with Laghetto pools! Mauve, apple green, pale yellow … the Pop model plays with pastel shades for a pool that inject color into any outdoors. Ultra resistant, this PVC reinforced pool is one of the most robust on the market and also exists in 11 different sizes.