The importance of Grammar in learning English

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During the English learning process, there is a debate about if the grammar is important when learning English. Some think grammar plays a significant role in the learning process. Others say we can get wrong when communicating; we just need to make the listeners understand what we are talking. So is grammar important or not? Let’s discover this problem.

1. The importance of grammar
Grammar is some simple rules that people must follow when using a language. If there is no rule and every person uses different ways, that causes the mass and obstructs communication. When you are good at grammar, you can hear and understand the native easily. Without grammar, you can not understand or misunderstand the meaning of speakers. For example:
I am in love with him ———————- I was in love with him
Initially, for beginners, there is no difference. They can understand that speaker loves someone. The small difference between am and was changed the meaning of the sentence and relationship of speaker and “him”. That means you need to be good at Grammar to get all the information from speakers.

2. Learning purpose and Grammar
Grammar is one of necessary content in every English competition and exam. However, in communication, grammar is quite flexible. You can use wrong words or structures, as long as listeners can understand what you are talking. That means the importance of grammar depends on the purpose of learners.
In fact, the native do not pay much attention to grammar, and sometimes, they also get wrong in Grammar when speaking. Especially, in their music, they can sing “”for her to steal my heart away when she don’t care” (Rhythm of the rain).
If your English learning purpose is to pass an exam or take a certificate, degree, grammar is a necessary. Besides, for people who want to be a teacher or a translator, it will be a big mistake if you forget English grammar. For these jobs, you need to be good at not only grammar but also listening, writing, speaking, reading skill.

3. Grammar and communication
Grammar is not important in communication. Nowadays, in globalization, most of English learner’s purpose is communication. And during communication, you can be wrong in Grammar in 20- 30 %. Grammar is not the first thing you should consider when learning English communication. You just need to use English on your way without fixed structures, just make the listeners understand what you want to convey. You can also use language body with your eyes, hands to express your ideas.
4. Best ways to learn English
There are many ways to learn English, but to find the most effective ways is a difficult question. Reading some heavy, think and boring books can help you improve your English skill, but they can not enhance your love with English. Without passion, you can not do anything. You should relax and learn English as enjoying a delicious meal. You can read a funny story at the free time, or listen to English music or write a daily diary. Instead of sitting in front of a table with pen and books and focusing on sentence structures and vocabularies, these are more effective way to learn English.

Moreover, There are many games and online apps to help you check and interestingly enhancing Grammar. Learning and studying are at the same time. These educated games can give you the explanation about your mistake. Therefore, instead of playing other games, let’s choose for yourself a smart game which not only helps you relax but also improve your English level.

Finally, let’s find a partner who can go hand in hand with you in The English learning process or enjoy in English forum or communities on the internet to get more knowledge and share your passion in English.
In conclusion, through my writing, you can understand the role of Grammar in English. What is your purpose of learning English? Getting a degree or communication? Let’s think about your purpose and decide the role of grammar in your learning process.