STREAMING VIDEO – They often disappear as quickly as they have appeared: smart guys regularly post entire HD movies on YouTube. Here’s how to find them.

YouTube can hunt for the pirated movies put on line on its video platform, they keep coming back, even if only for a few hours. If you are fast enough, it is possible to enjoy it. Of course, you probably will not find all the films you are looking for but if you have a list of a dozen films you want to see, chances are that at least one of them is present on Youtube. Here are some tips to find them.

► The right keywords to use
It’s not enough just to look for the title of a movie to fall on the full movie (though it may happen). Most often, you will only find the trailer. The best is to add “full movie” / “full movie” after the title (you can even do a search only on these keywords if you do not know what to look at precisely). You can also add “VF” / “VOSTFR” / French after if the film is in English and you need either a dubbing or subtitles.
► Think of films split into several parts
Do not hesitate to add “part 1” to your search. This may allow you to find a full-length movie on YouTube that has been split into several parts to pass the upload limitations and try to pass between the drops. It was then titled “Part 1”, “Part 2”, etc.
► The filter that arranges everything
To further refine the search, once the results are displayed, go to the filters. Among the different options, look at the length of the videos and click on “more than 20 minutes”. This will avoid the trailers most of the time. But be careful, if the film has been cut into several parts, it will no longer be visible. You have to try with and without.
► Rebuilding the right channels / accounts
These are often the same people who upload movies on YouTube. It can be interesting to “go up” the thread of a chain or an account to discover the other treasures that they have to propose. And, who knows, maybe you’ll fall on a nugget …
► Beware of traps
The title and the picture seem engaging. You finally found the film. Except that when you start playback, the movie does not start but it is a message prompting you to click the link below to find – really – the movie. Never click, it is always a scam in one way or another (or a way to make you click on 245 ads and finally do not offer anything).
More tips

TIPS – How to recover a video or audio file from YouTube? There is a simple way that metronews explains.
You love this clip or this song, but you can not find it anywhere other than on YouTube. Unfortunately you can not always be connected to the Internet to listen to it. A tip allows you to download the video or audio track directly from YouTube in two clicks.
When you are on the YouTube page of the video in question, simply add the letters “ss” in front of “youtube.com” in the address bar and press Enter. You will then be redirected to Savefrom.net. The search field will be prefilled with the address of the page in question, click the yellow button Download.

There, several qualities of download will be proposed, from the lowest to the definition HD if it already available on YouTube. Bonus Gift: At the bottom of the list are also the audio versions, ideal for clips.

TIPS – Want to make your YouTube videos private? Metronews has the solution and this is configured in two clicks.
Norman, Cyprien … thank you but no thanks. You do not want to become the next fashionable youtube? Do you prefer to keep your videos private and share them with you (and only with them)? Google allows this setup on its video sharing service, yet need to know how to do it. Metronews explains how to do this.

To do this, log in to your YouTube account first. Then go to this page. In the “Confidentiality” line, scroll down the drop-down menu and choose “Private”. All the next videos you publish will be visible only by you.
Privatize your latest videos

If you want to configure your previous public videos in private mode, you will have to go to each one of them. Click on the pencil icon at the bottom left of the video (Info and Settings). Once on the edit page, click on the drop-down menu that displays “Public” and go to “Private”.

You will then be able to specify in the field below, the people with whom you want to share it, by means of e-mail address or Google+ profiles.