About Me

Knowledge is the best thing you can offer to someone. We at whatsmyline.org are here to provide answers to questions, solve problems, help you learn something new or to inspire you. We offer authentic expertise on categories like gardening, home improvement, automotive, baby & mom, kitchen tool, power tools, and music.


Here we provide tips and tricks of gardening through articles and providing our co-workers a chance to take part in garden. Our vision is to promote enclosure and reduce prejudice by helping you have control over your life by bringing together co-workers with diverse degrees of psychological and physical ill health, helpers and members of the local public to work together.

Since April 2015 we have been teaching and reaching out to our readers to know what they would want to learn and provide content that is engaging and meets their needs. To grow in an aspect of your life, you have got to model and learn from those that are experienced than you. That’s why we show you various gardening techniques and how they work in different environments and have brought in writers who are experts in their topics. Any queries, feel free to contact us we are here for you.

Chris Wondolowski