How to Choose and Use the Labor Protection Shoes ?

Protective boot is essential items when working at the construction site or highly dangerous work areas. To limit occupational accidents, the workers should equip with the safety footwear of good quality. So what is the best type of boots for workers?

On the market today, one of the top high-quality safety boots can be referred to including the best steel toe boots. In addition, to choose the most suitable pair of footwear, you should consult more information before coming to prestigious stores that specialize in selling high-quality workwear and safety shoes.

At first, you must understand the protective properties of each type of protection shoe. For example, there are various kinds of boots like anti-shock impact on the toes, anti static, anti-slip, anti-heat or anti-cold features, water resistance, durability with oil fuel, chemical resistance, and so on. Besides that, the user should also know the partial composition of labor protection shoe such as:

– Toe of shoe
This part is adjacent to the toe portion, which usually comes with a piece of protective steel or hard composite.
– Steel toe of shoe
This is a detail of the product and lying inside with the aim to protect the toes of the users. The steel toe shoe can prevent the impact force of 200J and compression with at least 15kN.
– Sole shoe

The sole is known as the bottom part of the shoe and contacting directly with the ground. When choosing to buy shoes, you need to look closely at the sole to decide what type of shoe is suitable for your working environment. You should make sure that the product is very good, durable, and tolerable for the workplaces. In fact, most soles are made of rubber to increase friction and reduce abrasion.

In order to make friction, the designer creates deep grooves and sharp spines, which increases the grip on the surfaces. Moreover, the soles of the shoe also have the effect of absorbing and dispersing other concussions so as not to affect the feet. This item must be partly hard enough, partly soft to keep the move of user natural. It must also be tied or sewn tightly with the toe shoe to maximize water resistance as well.

– Socklining
It is important to prevent the soles of the feet from the injuries caused by contact with the sole of the boot. In addition, the sock lining also helps to keep balance. Hence, you should choose the ones made of good desiccant materials, odorless and specially fit for the size of your feet.

– Heel shoe
The heel is the back of the shoe, which protects the ankle and ribs on the back of your foot. The heel must also be hard enough to protect your feet as well.

How to choose and try on labor safety shoes?

– Observe carefully to avoid the scratched shoes or glue and adhesive stains.
– Observe the shoes by placing them on the platform and make sure that it is not tilted, etc.
– Before testing, make sure that the heel of the shoe is not rugged due to few materials left in the boot. Then, put your hand on the shoe to ensure that it is not tucked into the boot. This will help you prevent blisters after use.
– After testing, you should move around with the new boots to ensure that the product is comfortable and fit your feet.

It is no double that the employees’ places of work have lots of risk to the feet such as the strange items falling into the legs, electric shock, sharp objects, too high / too low temperature, toxic chemicals pilling in the feet, slippery surface and so on.

There are lots of hazards that you can completely avoid if you know how to use your labor protection shoes properly. However, regardless of any type of workwear boots, you should also consider the above-mentioned issues to choose the most suitable one for yourself.