Ultimate Guide To Choose Your Car Cacuum Cleaner

Choosing a vacuum cleaner to clean your car goes well beyond the simple difference between vacuum cleaners and hand vacuum cleaners. If each type of appliance has its own characteristics and offers a different use, it is especially necessary to choose according to its needs, whether in suction power, in power mode or even in accessories. So here’s how to choose your best car vacuum cleaner.

The Suction Power

The first criterion to take into account when choosing a car vacuum cleaner is obviously the suction power. This is the main feature found on all types of vacuum cleaners, and it is easy to understand why it is just as important when it comes to cleaning your car.

Whereas in a house mostly hard floors (such as tiles, parquet, PVC) are simple enough to aspirate, a vehicle has mainly fabrics and carpets, which are by definition more difficult to clean properly. In order to remove all the dirt that is lodged in it, whether it is simple bread crumbs or even the hair of its domestic animal, it is necessary to use a vacuum cleaner whose aspiration is powerful enough to dislodge everything.

Aspirator Car Power Suction

As for this power, it is possible to divide the car vacuum cleaners into two main categories: vacuum cleaners and hand vacuum cleaners.

Vacuum cleaners: These are the most powerful vacuum cleaners. Originally designed for the interior of the house, they are perfectly suited to cleaning a vehicle with their powerful engine and dedicated accessories. They easily overcome dirt and inlaid hair in fabrics and carpets.

Hand-held vacuum cleaners: Although they are less powerful because of their smaller size, they are specially designed for use in the car. They therefore generally have all the accessories to compensate for this lesser vacuum and offer an equally satisfactory cleaning.

The Feed Mode

Vacuum car cigarette lighter when you choose a vacuum cleaner to clean your car, you must also dwell on its mode of feeding. Indeed, depending on where you live and the space available to suck up the interior of your vehicle, the needs are not the same.

And again, the devices fall into two broad categories: those that require a conventional power supply, power outlet, and those that can be plugged into the car, into the cigarette lighter socket.

Conventional powered vacuum cleaners: Traditional vacuum cleaners are those that need to be plugged into a conventional outlet. If this is what allows them to deliver better suction power, it is also a detail that keeps them away from a number of users.

To use such a device, it is necessary to have a plug in the vicinity, either in the garage or in the house (if the power supply to the vacuum cleaner is long enough or when using an extension cord).

For people who live in apartments, those whose cars are parked away from home, or when the garage is in the basement, this is an inadequate, if not impossible solution.

Cigarette-powered vacuum cleaners: Hand-held vacuum cleaners specially designed for the car are those that have a cigarette lighter socket. Although they usually have a battery life of several minutes, this power cable provides continuous power to the unit for a more complete cleaning of the vehicle.

This is the ideal solution for anyone who cannot use a conventional sled vacuum cleaner. Moreover, in the case of a commercial use of the car (taxi, chauffeur, etc.), it is a device that is easily stored in the trunk, which takes up no space, and which can be used at any without having to be at home.