What You Need To Know About U-Shaped Pillows for Pregnant Women

U-shaped pillows are the intimate items of women, which helps them overcome back pain, insomnia, and other uncomfortable symptoms during pregnancy easily. Thanks to this product the mother is comfortably relaxed after a hard working day, having a nice night’s sleep to maintain good health and create excellent conditions for the fetus to develop well. And one of the quality products which is received by some of the most satisfied customers is Comfort U Total Support Pillow. Thus, the article below will discuss the basic information of the pillow that is hot in this market.

Size and weight
The U-sharp pillow for pregnant women is 146cm x 75cm (long x wide), which is quite compact, so it does not occupy a lot of bed space. The weight is about 3.5 kilograms in which the weight of cotton is 3.3 kilograms. Hence, this product can be rolled up neatly and easily when transported. Besides that, you can also store it whenever it’s not in use.

Design and material
This product for pregnant women is long and U-shaped in design that is suitable for the pregnant women with the aim to support their body better. Pillow design consists of three layers: the outer layer is made of thick cotton fabric while the second layer is the white pillow cover and the inner layer is the soft cotton.
Great benefits of the U pillow
– Soft sleeping mattress for pregnant women: The U-shaped pillow helps to support the entire pregnant body when sleeping, including the head, neck, back, abdomen and legs. This product not only helps to improve blood circulation but also relieves back pain, body aches, and cramps. The mother will have a nice sleep each night and get a comfortable feeling to ensure good health. Moreover, when using the pillow, it will help the pregnant woman lying down to the left, which is regarded as the best position for the fetus and giving birth.

– Soft sleeping mattress after childbirth and cushion supporting while breastfeeding: women use a U pillow as a backrest mattress when sitting or sleeping to reduce back pain after the birth. Furthermore, the U-shaped pillows are also very convenient when used as a cushion when breastfeeding, which helps mothers reduce painful arm and shoulder pain.

– Other uses: The U pillow is also used for people who suffer from back pain whenever sleeping or pillows for children when playing. Plus, the father could use the pillow as a backrest mattress while reading newspapers, watching television comfortably.

In short, the U-shaped pillow is a valuable thing for pregnant women. During pregnancy, especially in the last months of the process, mothers are always annoyed by the pain in the lower back, buttocks, legs and so on. Hence, the U-pillow will be the solution for good sleep and keep the healthy development of the fetus. The products are used not only during pregnancy but also after birth.

A U-shaped pillow is extremely comfortable and effective during pregnancy and postpartum. Thanks to that, pregnant mother no longer suffers from back pain, aches, and cramps when sleeping and have a better sleep. In particular, U-pillow is a gift of meaning, expressing the concern and love of the husband for his wife, and making his wife deeply touched.

The final advice we have for you is that there are a lot of U pillow products for you to choose in the market. Hopefully, this article has helped you understand more about the pillow for pregnant women to make the smartest and most reasonable choice. Have a nice day!